Rules for National Championship, Athletes Eligibility and Quota- 2016-17. (approved by EC)

1. Athletes Eligibility :
i. Athlete must be registered with WGFI through their respective Association/ Units.
ii. Affiliated Association can only register athletes who are members of their Association/ Unit for one year.
iii. Athletes must be registered before 15th Dec.
iv. Registration Fee Rs. 200/- per athlete yearly.
v. Once an athlete is registered cannot change his registration/Association for next one year.

2. Qualification for participation in National Alpine Championship(Senior):
i. Qualification race will be conducted Before National Championship.
ii. Qualified Athletes will be eligible to participate in National Championship as per the individual timing. Qualification timing will be decided by Technical Director.
Though participation in qualifying race will be considered as participation in WGFI National event but no certificate of national championship will be awarded.
Respective unit of individual athlete can issue a certificate of participation in qualifying race.
iii. Qualification will be considered on Timing differences basis as decided by Technical Director in Captain meeting.
iv. Best five athletes with FIS points and Best three of last National Championship’s athletes are automatically selected for final National Championship (no need to participate in qualifying race).
v. Juniors are allowed to participate both in Junior and Senior Category.

3. Quota :
i. In Qualifying race one affiliated association/unit can enter max. 10 athletes in each Gender and Race.
ii. Affiliated Training Institutes can enter athletes registered by the State Association of respective State where the Institute is based/belongs. It is not mandatory to The Training Institutions to field their team in the qualification races and National Championships.

4. Competition Fee :
i. Rs. 200/-per athlete will be paid to WGFI by individual or their respective Association.
ii. Participation in Qualifying Race will be at individual athletes’/respective Association’s cost.

5. Technical Conduct:
i. Technical conduct of the Races and Championship will be supervised by WGFI. Organisers have to follow the Instructions of Technical Director appointed by WGFI.

6. Competition Equipment :
i. Technical Director must ensure that all the required competition equipment must be made available by the Organiser of the Championship/Races.
ii. Timing: Minimum Two Electronic Timing units must be used as per FIS Rules. No manual Timing is allowed.

7. Race Safety Equipment and Insurance of Athlete:
i. Competition race safety is responsibility of organiser of the competitions.
ii. Athletes ‘Races Safety equipment and Insurance of athletes is responsibility of individual/ their respective units.
iii. Race equipment is also responsibility of individual athletes.
iv. Any race equipment which is dangerous as per FIS Rule will not be allowed.
v. Helmet is compulsory for race.
vi. Skies : In National Championship Races :
Ski Length: GS - Men & U21 (Junior –II): 190cm. (Minimum ) Radius : 35 m.
Women & U21 ( Junior –II) : 183 cm ( Minimum ). Radius : 30 m.

8. Start Order :
Athletes with FIS point and Best five of last Year National Championship will have First Draw, second Draw for who participated in last National Championship and Third Draw will be for those, who are participating first time.

9. Cross Country, Snowboard, Junior and Children: There will be no Qualifying Races.

10. Every WGFI affiliated unit excluding Training Institutions need to conduct Unit/State Association level competitions to select their team for National Championships. Unit/ State Association Level Competitions will be observed by WGFI Observer. Failing Units/ Associations’ voting right will be suspended automatically. After conducting Unit level competitions voting right will be resumed automatically. Dates of State level competitions conduct must be informed to WGFI well in Advance.